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So, What Is Living Younger?

Personal trainers Denise and Neil have developed a holistic way to look after, and improve, your body and your mind. Nearly all of us have been on a diet at some time in our life, and most of us have tried a fitness regime. We’ve tried new fads that came along and got excited about the new body we were going to get. Did it happen? Sadly, for most of us it did not. The figures for overweight and obese people in the Western World are shocking. Preventable diseases are common place. It is a sad fact that a lot of people are dying earlier than they should.

Why is this?

Inactivity and poor nutrition!

As we get older, it’s vital that we do the right amount of the correct type of exercise and eat the foods that our body needs. We must also have a positive outlook on life, which in turn leads to happiness as well as health. Living Younger promotes a unique three part program to help you achieve this which includes.

  • Personal training programs
  • Nutrition advice and plans
  • A life changing positive mind set system

How it works

We offer three ways for you to start living younger and loving your body.

  1. 10 Minute Fitness is based on H.I.I.T. and the latest research into exercise and fitness.
    Start now for only £9.99.
  2. One2One personal training: at your home, gym or even outdoors in the fresh air.
    Use this button to pay for hourly @£35/hour or £299 for 10 sessions. When the Paypal page appears, enter amount and then click update.
  3. Online training: we give you all the tools you need to work out at home with personal programs and access to us through phone, email or Skype.
    Bronze £49.95 per month.
    Silver £59.95 per month.
    Gold £99.95 per month.


Everyone will have different goals so with both systems we give you a full assessment to see where you are at the moment and then design a bespoke plan just for you.

Within a short while you will be eating younger, thinking younger, and of course, Living Younger!



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